NID - Portfolio

NID Portfolio
A glimpse of some of the work done by me during my stint at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad

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As part of the one year foundation programme, these courses were structured with the sole purpose of giving us a strong base on the fundamentals of design.

Freehand Drawing
¤ Geometric Construction
¤ Analytical Drawing
¤ Geometric Construction
¤ Composition
¤ Space, Form and Structure
¤ Colour
¤ Design Concepts and Concerns

The final concept for
the TV & VCR trolley

The most critical course of the foundation programme, this introduced us to the basic design process, ie. problem structuring, formulation of the design brief, and the design criteria, information collection, analysis and the creative generation of concepts.
I designed a TV trolley for for middle class homes.

The colour wheel

An exercise in metamorphosis

Free hand sketch of my hostel room


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