A map is a graphical representation of a location, with a story to tell.


Date: 2006 Client: IIT Kanpur Services: Maps A series on the Indian railway network for SIMRAN Project, IIT Kanpur. It featured track details division and zone wise, and was printed on A-3 size.  

NRM Walkthrough

Date: 2008 Client: National Railway Museum Services: Maps A Walkthrough handout for The National Railway Museum, Delhi. It featured the location of every outdoor exhibit with appropriate information on each.  

Royal Expeditions

Date: 2018 Client: Royal Expeditions Services: Maps A promotional wall maps for Royal Expeditions, a premier tour operator based in Delhi. The maps showcases the various destinations as suggested by them. The reverse carries textual data.  

RVNL Projects Map

Date: 2018 Client: Silentt Partners Services: Maps A Wall-map showing the Indian railway network, indicating the various projects taken up and completed by RVNL for the railways.

Maps for NFR Book

Date: 2020 Client: Maitreyi Chatterjee Services: Maps A couple of maps for Book on North East Frontier Railway, of the Indian Railways, a project by Maitreyi Chatterjee. One map shows the overall area served by the NFR while the other focuses on Upper Assam.

Madurai City Map

Date: 2016 Client: Travel Club Madurai Services: Maps A city map of Madurai for Travel Club Madurai, for use by tourists. The scale Map contains all major roads and important tourist attractions. The reverse contains information about the city as well as tourist spots.  

Fanuc India

Date: 2018 Client: Fanuc India Services: Maps A map of Karnataka for Fanuc India, showing their presence and the network of railway lines in the state.

Calcutta Walks

Date: 2019 Client: Calcutta Walks Services: Maps A Kolkata City Map for Calcutta Walks. This has seen many iterations over the years, with customised maps created for specific uses. The map shown below is the Calcutta Bungalow Map version.

Embarkation HQ

Date: 2019 Client: Indian Army Services: Maps A large wall sized map customised to show the railway network under the jurisdiction of the Kolkata MCO, under the Embarkation HQ. Image not available due to security concerns.

Great Indian Railway Atlas

Date: 2015 Client: Samit Roychoudhury Services: Maps Launch: The Great Indian Railway Atlas, now in its 3rd edition, is the most definitive series of maps of India’s railway network. The 120+ page book contains maps in 1:1,000,000 scale which show track status, every station and puts a special focus on closed lines and stations.

Thoughtshop Foundation

Date: 2019 Client: Thoughtshop Foundation Services: Maps A series of maps for Thoughtshop Foundation, a social services organisation based in Kolkata. These maps demark the areas which their Youth organisations are active in, with detailed maps of each cell.
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