Heartfelt Handmade

Date: 2018 Client: Rishwanth Jayaraj Services: Others Package Labels for Heartfelt Handmade, a boutique brand of organic products, part of JC Residency, Madurai.  

Zaranj Menu

Date: 2014 Client: Paramita Saha Services: Others Restaurant menu for Zaranj, an outlet specialising in Indian, specifically north-west frontier cuisine in Kolkata.

Calendar for MGM Eye Institute

Date: 2016 Client: MGM Eye Institute Services: Others A small desktop calendar for MGM Eye Institute, Raipur, for promotional usage. The 13 leafed calendar featured 12 featured images from their services offered.    

Stepsol Graphics

Date: 2021 Client: Shivam Dairy Services: Others Information Graphics for Stepsol, part of the promotionals used in West Bengal to encourage waste management.

Shivam Milk Packaging

Date: 2021 Client: Shivam Dairy Services: Others Plastic pouch graphics for Shivam Dairy, which has two varieties of milk in 500 ml and 1l size packages.

Leo Packaging

Date: 2002 Client: Associated Traders Services: Others Outer packaging for Leo Batteries, a product of Associated Traders.

Fortuna Brochure

Date: 2014 Client: Fortuna Advistors Services: Others A product brochure for Fortuna Advisors, showcasing their range of products and services.

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