Identity Design

 Identity Design

Symbols and logos are like the first hello. Crisp, memorable, and form a lasting impression.


Date: 2020 Client: Shivam Dairy Services: Logo Identity for Shivam Dairy, a Pune based supplier of milk and milk based products. Project through Akash Arjunwadkar.


Date: 2013 Client: Fortuna Group Services: Logo Identity for the Fortuna Group, an Australia based group of companies providing a range of business services.


Date: 2018 Client: Eco Dev Solutions Services: Logo Logo for Mpower-U, a Kolkata based organisation that has tools to measure and develop creditworthiness and entrepreneurial ability.   


Date: 2018 Client: Emphasis Interiors & Landscapes Services: Logo Identity design for Emphasis, an Interior Design startup in Agartala. Project included logo and stationery.


Date: 2006 Client: IIT Kanpur Services: Logo Symbol for SIMRAN, a project of IIT Kanpur involved in real-time GPS tracking of trains.

Master ID Cards

Date: 2016 Client: Master ID Cards Services: Logo Identity and website design for Master ID cards, a Vijayawada based manufacturer of ID cards and associated systems.

Vishraj Jewellers

Date: 1997 Client: Vishraj Marketing & Services Services: Logo Logo for Vishraj. Probably the only project in my portfolio that was not used by the client. I have included it as it was one of my earliest works, and I am still intrigued with it.


Date: 2014 Client: Sapphire Dance Experiment Services: Logo Identity for Sapphire Dance Experiment, A Kolkata based dance school.  The concept uses the motif of ‘swirling dervish’ to denote dance.

Rituus Bags

Date: 2011 Client: Rituu Exports Pvt Ltd Services: Logo Identity for Ritu Exports Pvt Ltd, a Kolkata based leather accessories manufacturer.

Sofia Shahnoor

Date: 2019 Client: Sofia Shahnoor Services: Logo Logotype for Sofia Shahnoor, a young and upcoming fashion designer.

Valuable Crops

Date: 2006 Client: Subir Das Services: Logo Logo for Valuable Crops, a firm consulting on valuable crops and renewable fuels.

Going Places

Date: 2002 Client: Going Places Services: Logo Identity for Going Places, a Kolkata firm involved in promotional material.

JS Agency

Date: 2002 Client: Jayanthi Sethuraman Services: Logo Identity for JS Agencies.


Date: 2010 Client: Manasi Sengupta Services: Logo Identity for Mansi, a fashion boutique from Kolkata.


Date: 2008 Client: Mobili-T Services: Logo Identity for Mobili-T, a firm in the telecom industry.

Roopacherra Tea

Date: 2003 Client: Roopacherra Tea Co. Ltd Services: Logo Identity for Roopacherra Tea Co. Ltd, a tea company in Kolkata.

Dorje Films

Date: 2010 Client: Shruti Vohra Services: Logo Identity for Dorje Films, a documentary film maker.

Better Herbs

Date: 2017 Client: Rahul Bishnoi Services: Logo Identity design for Better Herbs, a UK based herbs business.
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